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Sonaze - Kingdom Hearts Cosplay by Sonicguru

Amazing! I can see both Sonic and Blaze in Kingdom Hearts right now! It's just an awesome job!!!! I have to say the vision is awesome! ...

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Most of it will be on the Story of my Sonic Fan Character,Shadic Speed the Saiyanhog.

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Roy Ember Masuko
Artist | Student | Other
United States
Hey guys, my name is SonixTails442 aka Roy Ember Masuko - The Flaming Seeker

I love making friends and meeting new people. So say hi if you ever get the chance. But please don't get on my bad side...

I'm also a HARDCORE RP'er so if you even want to RP with me, just send me a note!

Icon made by :iconmagicalpouchofmagic:
Back up account - :iconroysuko:
Hetalia Account - :iconaphetailaflorida:
PSN Username - SonixTails442 (Ask me before sending me a Friend RQ, otherwise, I won't accept it)

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  • Listening to: "Hishoku No Sora" (Shakugan No Shana)
  • Reading: Sword Art Kingdom: Falling Fantasy - Fanfiction
  • Watching: Dragon Ball Z Kai
  • Playing: Dragon Ball XENOVERSE
What's poppin', dudes? This is SonixTails442 here, aka Roy Ember Masuko, the Flaming Seeker. If you know, goody, if you don't, I really don't blame you.

I'm making a journal to fill you guys in on a few things I planned, but first: an explanation to why the episodes of TMC were put into the scraps.

The entire Masuko Chronicles series is being reworked and rewritten as we speak. The episodes will no longer be uploaded online and in our to view the episodes, you'll have the watch them in full on animation as soon as they come out. To see the series and it's various episodes, be sure to search up the youtube channel under the same name or find the link to it in the TMC Deviantart Group.

The next thing is that I'm planning on redoing my My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic! fan-fiction and completely remake it.
Swift Heart and Sky Rebel will remain as the story's protagonists but I'm either thinking of changing the story of their adventures within Equestria or move the fan-fiction's setting into the Equestria Girls universe and make up the story from there.

What do you guys think? Comment your thoughts below and be sure to watch my profile as well!

So, if you guys don't mind, I'm heading to bed before I pass out of exhaustion.

Until next time, the Flaming Seeker out...
  • Listening to: "Hishoku No Sora" (Shakugan No Shana)
  • Reading: Sword Art Kingdom: Falling Fantasy - Fanfiction
  • Watching: Dragon Ball Z Kai
  • Playing: Dragon Ball XENOVERSE
Hey guys, a quick journal here.

My 'Onee-Chan', :iconlunaticsnivy:, is in need of some serious help.

Emergency Commissions via Paypal!Yeah. And I'm not kidding. Okay. Like, seriously. I am NOT kidding about this. Look at this...

The sound and everything is working fine. It's the LED screen that's been destroyed. So, here's my problem... I can't tell my parents about it. Like, they'll kill me. And their already worried enough of my well being that day. I had to make sure I'm alright. Then again, I wouldn't blame them. I'm their first child and baby girl. Especially my mother. She was worried sick! I can't afford her to stress even more about my problems. She couldn't even sleep last night... I can't help but feel guilty. I want to pay her back...
But... Yeah. This is my whole ordeal. I need to fix my 2DS without my family knowing. So, if you all can... Please donate. Or if you can't. Spread the word. I need to pay for shipping my 2DS to Nintendo or pay for t
  In a Pinch! Need funds...Hey guys...! So, it's Luna again and well... I need funds.
It's not only for college, but also to repair my 2DS. Why my 2DS also? Uh... I sorta got into a fight and forgot my 2DS was on me and... The LED screen is broken. Really badly. And I lost the fight, but I wasn't harmed too badly, luckily.
So, once I decide on prices for pics and such, I let you all know. For now... I just need to formulate a plan to keep it secret from family and just you know... Don't have to go to them when I need money.
My mind is a storm, and I can't stay calm, so... Later??

You can either help her out or spread the word. Do what you can.

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