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Sonaze - Kingdom Hearts Cosplay by Sonicguru

Amazing! I can see both Sonic and Blaze in Kingdom Hearts right now! It's just an awesome job!!!! I have to say the vision is awesome! ...

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Roy Ember Masuko
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Hey guys, my name is SonixTails442 aka Roy Ember Masuko - The Flaming Seeker

I love making friends and meeting new people. So say hi if you ever get the chance. But please don't get on my bad side...

I'm also a HARDCORE RP'er so if you even want to RP with me, just send me a note!

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PSN Username - SonixTails442 (Ask me before sending me a Friend RQ, otherwise, I won't accept it)

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How's it going, people? This is SonixTails442 here, aka Roy Ember Masuko, the Flaming Seeker. If you know me, good, if you don't know me, I really don't blame you. Today, I'm gonna start off a rant series on a topic I want to get on for some time, people's thoughts on the open world creative game, Minecraft.

Now, at first, I didn't know what Minecraft was. Was it a random thing or not, I didn't know. I first started playing its demo on the website and a old friend of mine gave me a launcher for it, which let me play the full thing. Eventually, I was introduced to various Minecraft Youtubers such as the members of Team Crafted like SkyDoesMinecraft, MinecraftUniverse, BajinCanadian, and ASFJerome and other famous guys like TheDiamondMinecart, which introduced me the various mods that made the game's adventurous possibilities endless. People made servers of different varieties and made different mini-games within the game and nowadays, the game is that popular thanks to the countless people who play it.

But, of course, there are some people out there who think the game is still just that, "A Game about Blocks." as a certain someone would say...

I, for one, would take that seriously, being a fan of the game. It's like saying Star Wars is "A movie about Space", or Dragon Ball Z "A show about fighting", or Pokemon "A game about freaky-looking mutant creatures". See? What others like is as crazy as what you like. You see, this is what pisses me off when people talk "ship" about stuff. You don't like Minecraft because it's a game about blocks but you got the absolute nerve to say that when YOU like a game where you either kill people and steal nice cars, killing zombies in this apocalyptic event, capture and train mutant creatures and all that? "Mother-Fudger" really?!

Look, I'm saying that I don't agree with all the haters of this game. "Hail", I have 2 friends who don't like the game and I've seen others dislike it, but hey, that's their responses. Can't please everyone and you got to respect others and their thoughts. But when people go and criticize it for the stupidest reasons, it just gets under my skin. 

Ok, for those of you who hate or just plain don't care about Minecraft because of that universal reason, let me educate you on what this "Game of Blocks" has evolved to by using a certain MC Youtuber as an example: SkyDoesMinecraft.

To this day, he's still playing it in different ways. He plays this "Game about Blocks" every single day and people subscribe to him. He has OVER 10 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS and OVER 2 BILLON VIEWS because he plays a "Game About Blocks". He and his friends are coming up with different amazing minigames and hilarious misadventures using this "Game About Blocks". He and his friends are playing different mods based on various movies, games, anime series, genres, etc in this "Game About Blocks"! He and various people are ROLEPLAYING in a world of ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES with various maps of different locations in this "Game About Blocks"! He has HIS OWN WIKIPEDIA PAGE ABOUT HIMSELF because of popularity of playing this "Game About Blocks"! He even SANG, LIVE ON STAGE, IN FRONT OF HUNDREDS, MAYBE THOUSANDS, OF PEOPLE who are FANS of this "Game About Blocks"!!!

Don't Believe me? Look below.

You listen to this song, look me in the eye, and (By some miracle of God) you tell me that this song is not giving you any second thoughts about this "Game About Blocks, I will punch you in your "mother-fudging" face. And I'm sure as "hail" not kidding, I WILL do it.

Because this type of thing just makes me want to shake my head. This is basically the whole "Anime is the same as Cartoons" thing all over again.

Minecraft is more then "A Game About Blocks", it's about creativity, imagination, adventure, open-world, ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES! And if people really think that this game, which has so much to offer, is just a mere "Game about Blocks", then no wonder that country is screwed because it's just a Got-Damn shame. It's a shame because people aren't seeing the artistic value of this.

If there are some people who are reading this and thinks that this game actually have any value in some way, then hey, my job is done. But if there are others who still think that this is just a mere "Game of Blocks", then have the decency to at least try it out before you got criticizing it.

So anyway, I just wanted to share this with you all and get it off my chest. Leave your responses in the comments below.

Other then that, The Flaming Seeker out....

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